Bethenny Frankel & Eric Stonestreet FINALLY Explain Their Flirtatious Relationship! But How Did The Real Housewife Help The Actor Get ‘Laid’?

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These two might just be our ultimate one true pairing!

Last summer, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Bethenny Frankel was romantically linked to Eric Stonestreet.

And even though the unexpected twosome never confirmed their relationship, we couldn’t help but wonder how the pairing of the Real Housewife and the Modern Family star came to be.

Thankfully, the Emmy-winner stopped by Frankel’s SiriusXM show B Real with Bethenny on Wednesday morning to “clear up” their dating rumors!

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After joking about getting engaged on the air, the SkinnyGirl creator told listeners she met Stonestreet through a friend at a “douchey Hollywood industry party” last spring.

The two didn’t hit it off right away, as Bethenny didn’t know Eric was straight IRL, and Eric thought the reality star was a “reality agent”! He explained:

“As you had no idea I was straight in real life, I had no idea who you were. Sorry! When [our mutual friend] said, ‘This is the queen of reality,’ I thought…she meant you were like the queen bee reality agent. You were like a CAA agent that would put me on a show. I’m like, ‘OK, yeah. Thank you. Nice to meet you. So good.’ As I started talking to you, she said something about Skinnygirl, and I said to you, ‘Oh my God! You created Skinnygirl?'”

And after discovering he was speaking to none other than the creator of the low-cal Vodka, the actor admitted:

“You’ve gotten me laid.”

But even after Stonestreet got more drunk and started getting touchy feeling with Frankel’s skirt, the RHONY alum still thought he was gay — until her assistant told her otherwise!

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She explained:

“When I looked over at you and you weren’t interested in the guy I brought home for you, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll have him for myself.’ So, I texted you and said, ‘Holy sh*t! You’re an amazing actor. No! I asked my assistants…I knew you were Cam [on Modern Family]. I said, ‘Is he gay?’ And they said, ‘F*ck no! He’s from Kansas City. He’s such a guys’ guy. He’s into sports.’ I was like, ‘Oh!’ And then we had lunch the next day, and here we are getting engaged.”

Now, that’s quite the meet-cute if you ask us!

Even if they aren’t dating, we could just listen to these two banter all day long!

Take a listen to the audio clip (below) to hear the two remember the full story!

[Image via FayesVision/Rob Rich/WENN.]

May 11, 2016 4:24pm PDT

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