Kelly Ripa Is Reportedly Giving Michael Strahan The Cold Shoulder By Doing THIS Every Morning!

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Ever since Michael Strahan reportedly blindsided his LIVE! With Kelly and Michael cohost, Kelly Ripa, tensions have allegedly been pretty high on the talk show set.

Of course Kelly was initially pretty pissed and even left town for a couple days, before coming back and sharing some SUPER awkward moments with the former NFLer and basically forcing him off the show early.

Video: Kelly Almost Clocked Michael With A Bat During A Segment!

Well despite the fact that Strahan’s last show is only a couple days away, the on-air hosts are STILL not getting along as a source close to the show’s production told TMZ that the former soap opera star is acting out towards Michael!

In the past, Ripa reportedly used to sit in her makeup room with the door open and as Michael would arrive, he’d greet her with a “good morning.”

Well, ever since the news dropped of Strahan’s departure, the blonde beauty has apparently had her door shut EVERY morning. Insiders say that Strahan definitely feels his estranged P.I.C. is sending a clear message, despite doing their best to smile for the cameras.

The good news for the 45-year-old is she only has to pretend for a couple more days as the pair will say goodbye to each other — we’re guessing for good — on Friday. As for what’s going to go down on Strahan’s finale, well another source has said that the former New York Giant would be happy with just “a few flashback” segments and doesn’t need anything flashy.

At this point, it sounds like he just wants to start his new gig at Good Morning America!

What do you think of Kelly’s behavior towards her cohost?!

May 11, 2016 8:23am PDT

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