Prince’s Doctor Mysteriously Left His Practice Days Ago After A Warrant Was Issued For The Singer’s Medical Records — Is He On The Run?!

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Shortly after Prince was found dead just over two weeks ago, all sorts of news and reports started to come out about the singer’s alleged addiction to painkillers.

As the case has continued, both the DEA as well as the U.S. Attorney have gotten involved in the case as more sources close to the investigation have seemed to confirm the rock star’s Percocet addiction.

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Not surprisingly, more info has been revealed about the authorities’ investigation as a search warrant as been issued for North Memorial Medical Center where the pop icon’s physician, Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg worked. The warrant is specifically for the doctor’s medical records and prescriptions he wrote for the Grammy winner.

TMZ has learned that the warrant states that the cops interviewed Dr. Schulenberg who admitted he not only treated Prince twice in April, but one of those times was the day before he died! Oh, and he went to Paisley Park to drop off the test results the day Prince died.

Well, funny thing about this whole situation is that the doctor has since left the facility where he practiced and no one knows why! A representative for the facility even told TMZ that Michael left “in the last few days” but would not even dish whether he was fired or just quit!

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Interestingly enough, Dr. Schulenberg worked at North Memorial Physicians clinic in Minnetonka, Minnesota, which happens to be 10 miles away from Prince’s estate. The doctor also wrote prescriptions for the 57-year-old to be filled at Walgreens — the same pharmacy that Prince visited four times in the last seven days leading up to his death.

All of this information seems to match up with the news that Prince not only had to travel miles for his medication, but that he was also seen at a Walgreens store the night before his passing.

It also seems that the MIA doctor has had a connection to the musician for a few years as he previously practiced at Ridgeview Hospital — which is where one of the When Doves Cry singer’s bodyguards took the artist both in 2014 and 2015!

Do you think the doctor is on the run? Or is he just hiding to avoid the media attention?!

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May 11, 2016 7:39am PDT

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