Kelly Ripa Could Be Moving LIVE! To LA — Find Out What’s Drawing Her To Hollywood & What Could Stop Her!

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There’s no doubt that you’ve definitely heard some of the drama regarding Michael Strahan leaving LIVE! with Kelly and Michael.

Well now that Kelly Ripa has calmed down from being pissed and leaving on an early vacay, things seem to be slowly settling down now that we’re only a day away from the former NFLer’s final day.

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Sure there have been some awkward moments, but the show must go on — and apparently it might be headed to a new city!

The blonde beauty recently dished to People that LIVE! could potentially move to California thanks to her 14-year-old daughter, Lola!

Ripa dished:

Lola, I am certain, will go to college in California. She’s been wanting to live in California since she saw that Hannah Montana movie a thousand years ago.”

On Wednesday’s show, the former soap opera star even joked about the move on-air saying:

“My daughter was like, ‘OMG, are we moving to L.A.? Should I start applying to schools now? Because I know all the schools out there!'”

Despite the excitement though, there’s one MAJOR reason this might not happen anytime soon as Kelly dished that both she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, want to remain close to their son Michael who’s attending college in New York.

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Though it seems that moving to El Lay would open up some possibilities for a CA-based host, we doubt the 45-year-old is moving in the next few years, especially if her NY buddy Anderson Cooper ends up cohosting with her!

What’s interesting about the idea of moving to L.A. is that TMZ reports there’s quite a bit of bitterness from the LIVE! staff as a source said that the mother of three talked to the staff about how they were a family and needed to keep communication open. The only problem is that the day she came back, she hardly said a word to anyone and only talked to her husband and her agent. That’s not very family-like — especially ditching your staff and moving across the country!

Until we get a full-time cohost, we’ve got a slew of great guests filling in as Jimmy Kimmel, Fred Savage, Seal, and Andy Cohen are all set to sit next to Ripa to help her out in the coming weeks!

Do you think Kelly should move to Cali?!

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May 12, 2016 8:53am PDT

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