Prince’s Close Friends Speak Out About The Late Icon’s Painkiller Addiction & Untimely Death

prince friends speak out

It’s been weeks since news broke of Prince‘s untimely death, but only now are his close friends opening up about his painkiller addiction.

As you may recall, not long after the late icon’s passing was confirmed, it was revealed that the Purple Rain singer struggled with an almost decade long addiction to Percocet. How sad!

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It’s been said that Prince’s abuse of opioids may’ve been the result of his chronic hip pain that hindered his physical activity levels. One of the Raspberry Beret artist’s old collaborators named Sky Dangcil theorized the Grammy winner “took the pills to keep the show going.”

Oh no! Apparently, when Prince couldn’t deal with his pain any longer he would reportedly travel to his estate in Turks and Caicos in order to “rest his hips.” As you may know, Sky was both a DJ and a violinist for the Minnesota native between 2000 and 2007.

The musician added:

“Everyone saw that his hips were turning into a bigger problem. He was always ‘on,’ so he wouldn’t complain or say anything was wrong.”

Wow, the more you know. Not to mention, The Artist’s longtime hairstylist Kim Berry seemed to confirm these sentiments as she noted that he was “always in a lot of pain.” In fact, Miz Berry speculated that Prince’s work ethic — which included marathon recording session, intense stage movements, etc. — caused his sad dependence on drugs.

We can’t say she’s entirely wrong since Prince was required to have hip surgery in 2010 and was forced to walk with a cane and give up his platform shoes.

Kim relayed:

“Walking around with a cane was not just to look supercool.”

Huh. While longtime friend and CNN commentator Van Jones didn’t mention the industry vet’s prescription drug problem, he did comment on Prince’s work life. He shared:

“He worked himself very, very hard. He was never sitting around watching the Kardashians.”

Well that makes sense, since he didn’t seem too keen of the KUWTK family. LOLz!

Nonetheless, we’re just happy to see that the A-lister is still so fondly remembered by everyone in his life. R.I.P.

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May 12, 2016 1:41pm PDT

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