Prince’s Long Lost Grandniece May Be The Latest Family Member Making A Play For The Late Icon’s Fortune!

prince long lost relative

Looks like there is another heir to Prince‘s fortune!

On Thursday, it was reported that a long lost relative of the Purple Rain singer is filing to claim their portion of the late icon’s estate. We doubt that Prince’s siblings are going to be thrilled to hear about this!

Reportedly, an attorney named Mike Padden filed documents stating that his former client Duane Nelson Sr., who is the Raspberry Beret artist’s deceased half brother, has a granddaughter somewhere in Minnesota. Whoa!

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In case you forgot, Duane passed away back in 2011 after his own son died in 2005. Tragic!

However, it looks like Duane’s son had a daughter who is said to be 11-years-old. The lawyer has asked the court to vet the young lady and requested that a guardian be appointed to oversee her interests in the estate. That’s actually a smart move!

Still, we doubt this little girl will gain access to Prince’s fortune without a fight since the artist’s sister Tyka Nelson initially left Duane’s name off of the list of siblings when she began probate proceedings. But why?

It’s said that despite the fact that Mr. Nelson served as Prince’s bodyguard for a while, many family members doubted if he was actually a blood relative. Hmm, very inneresting!

While that bit of gossip was never proven, we can only imagine that Tyka will have her alleged grandniece’s DNA tested if she attempts to come after the A-lister’s money. Talk about family drama!

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May 12, 2016 11:07am PDT

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