Ricky Martin’s Backup Dancer Charged For Alleged Domestic Assault Against One Of Pitbull’s Female Dancers

Sherhan Rodriguez and Magdielle Bracoviche

Two professional backup dancers for the likes of Ricky Martin and Pitbull are in the middle of a heated domestic abuse legal battle.

Dancers Sherhan Rodriguez and Magdielle Bracoviche reportedly had a tumultuous romantic relationship with everything coming to a breaking point when Rodriguez reportedly attacked Bracoviche on November 26, 2015.

According to police records obtained by People, here’s what allegedly happened.

Police say Sherhan slapped Magdielle with an open hand numerous times after discovering pictures and texts he didn’t like on her phone — almost causing the vehicle to crash.

Two witnesses claimed to have seen Rodriguez strike Bracoviche.

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Upon arriving to the parking garage of her residence, video footage shows Sherhan get out of the vehicle and then jump back in through the passenger-side window.

Rodriguez has now hired high-profile attorney Jose Baez (who notoriously represented Casey Anthony and Nick Gordon) to argue his case. Baez tells the magazine that his client was actually the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Bracoviche in the past.

A video submitted into evidence shows an earlier dispute where Bracoviche appears to follow Rodriguez around an apartment, yelling at him. It is unclear whether she hit him, but Rodriguez shows a red mark on his neck to the camera at one point. Rodriguez claims his then-girlfriend “kept slapping Mr. Rodriguez on his head and face.”

Baez told the mag:

“The November 26 incident was not the first time that things had gotten physical. Ms. Bracoviche has hit my client many times before. She was often the aggressor; that was the nature of their relationship.”

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Obviously, Bracoviche’s team refuted these claims, arguing that she has never been charged with domestic violence. Her attorney Alex Strassman said:

“The relationship, which is over, definitely had its challenges. But nothing ever happened that approached the violence of November 26, 2015. That’s when Mr. Rodriguez struck my client.”

You can see the graphic image of the Bracoviche after the alleged attack HERE.

As of last week, a judge issued a restraining order against Rodriguez.

More answers will be known once the case goes to trial later this year.

[Image via Miami-Dade Department Of Corrections/Instagram.]

May 13, 2016 11:00am PDT

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