Walking Dead Fans Arrested For Trespassing While Trying To Sneak Into Herschel’s Farm… For Season 2 Spoilers We Guess??

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Watch out… or he’ll kick you with his good leg!

The Walking Dead is far and away the most watched show on cable, but its anticlimactic finale back in April left fans both frustrated and hungry for answers.

That’s why we’re not too surprised to hear that five fans of the AMC zombie series were just arrested over the weekend for trying to sneak onto the show’s set!

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Darby Workman, 25, Russell Motsch, 18, Gabrielle Freed, 19, Trevan McElroy, 20, and Karlee Whaley, 19, were arrested in East Coweta, GA, late Mother’s Day Sunday when they were caught trespassing on the grounds that served as Herschel’s farm back in Season Two.

Believe it or not, people actually live in the home and do their best to mark the property with “No Trespassing” signs, but the five young adults claimed they thought the house was an abandoned set piece.

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The fivesome was charged with criminal trespass and was forced to delete any photos they took off their phones… but judging by their faces, we think they still had an enjoyable time! LOLz!!!

In their defense, while trespassing is obviously against the law, we doubt most people would assume a hit series like The Walking Dead would use real residences for their scenes.

Plus, it’s a victimless crime… just make them pay a fine and let ’em keep on walking!

[Image via The Newnan Times-Herald and AMC.]

May 13, 2016 4:04pm PDT

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