Woody Allen Reportedly Bans The Hollywood Reporter From Cannes Event Over Ronan Farrow’s Essay!

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It looks like Woody Allen‘s facing some more controversy as the famed director’s PR team allegedly banned The Hollywood Reporter from a publicity event at the Cannes Film Festival!

In case you didn’t know, Woody’s estranged son, Ronan Farrow, recently wrote an essay for THR in which he discussed the alleged abuse the Oscar-winner inflicted upon his sister, Dylan Farrow.

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Even though the 80-year-old is out promoting his new flick Cafe Society at the film festival, he already commented on Ronan’s essay claiming he’s “said everything [he has] to say about” the situation. However, he apparently hasn’t done all he has to do!

That’s because it’s now being reported that Allen’s publicist, Leslee Dart, banned The Hollywood Reporter from attending the Annie Hall actor’s lunch event at Cannes “in retaliation” for publishing the essay.

When THR tried to reach out to Dart for an explanation, she simply responded by saying:

“It’s only natural that I would show displeasure when the press├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥in this case, The Hollywood Reporter├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥goes out of its way to be harmful to my client.”

We guess all this bothers Woody more than he’s letting on…

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As for that rape joke that targeted the director, he once again addressed the controversy during the lunch. But he had a surprising criticism:

“It would take a lot to offend me. What bothered me most last night was the length of the show before the movie. I’m sitting there. I know I have a movie that’s an hour and a half, I would like the introduction ceremony to be 20 minutes, half hour at the most. I don’t want you to spend an hour on the show. By the time my movie comes around at the end, you’re antsy in your seat. To me, that is the mistake of the show. It goes on for too long. Cut that down.”

“Too long” is probably one of the worst criticisms a comedy director can receive, so maybe this is Woody unleashing??

What do you think of Allen’s comments?

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May 13, 2016 10:26am PDT

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