Caitlyn Jenner Reacts To Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s Baby News!

Caitlyn Jenner

Looks like Caitlyn Jenner is all aboard the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna baby train!

The 66-year-old was honored at the 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in NYC on Saturday — and she couldn’t help but gush about how “proud” she is of Kris Jenner‘s baby boy.

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The I Am Cait star told ET how impressed she is with Rob handling all of the new changes in his life:

“You know, everybody goes through tough times in their life and deals with a lot of different things. I always look at it as ‘Everybody has their stuff,’ you know? It’s how you deal with your stuff, and how you come out the other end. Things are going well.”

If you consider a surprise engagement and pregnancy to be “stuff” — then sure!

Miz Jenner hit the stage later in the evening to accept the Outstanding TV Journalism award with Diane Sawyer for the 20/20 special that aired last year.

When speaking of her transition, Cait shared in her acceptance speech:

“I have 10 children. My biggest concern was my kids, especially my last two, little Kendall and Kylie [Jenner] who are 17 and 18 at the time. And of course I do live in the most social media family, by far, and I got Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe [Kardashian], Kendall, Kylie, everybody’s there on the couch. And they can reach about 250 million people, and they’ve all got their phones, going ‘Oh my God, look at this comment, look at this comment!'”


“It has been quite a ride for the past year. And there is nothing better in life than living your life authentically.”

We second that!

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May 16, 2016 10:28am PDT

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