Donald Trump DID Pose As His Own Publicist — And He Admitted It To A Reporter 25 Years Ago!

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OK, we already knew Donald Trump was a liar — but it’s always nice to have proof!

In case you missed the mini-scandal…

Last week 25-year-old tapes surfaced of The Donald pretending to be a publicist named “John Miller” calling a People magazine reporter to expound on the virtues of one Donald J. Trump, even saying he was constantly being approached by women like Madonna and Kim Basinger.

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Then on Friday, because even the undignified Drumpf could see how embarrassing this was, he flat-out denied the entire thing!

Well, now the reporter is here to prove Miller was none other than Trump — with the business mogul’s own words!

Apparently, shortly after the piece was published, the future Celebrity Apprentice host called writer Liz McNeil to apologize, saying:

“I’m sorry, that was a joke gone awry.”

Wow, was 1991 the last time he apologized for anything??

Not only that, he and Marla Maples — who is credited with encouraging the apology — invited Liz and a pal to a night on the town as recompense!

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McNeil also points out that only one other person had access to the tape of their conversation: Trump himself!

But why would he leak it? Self sabotage bc he’s secretly besties with Hillary Clinton?? LOLz, probably not.

Our money is on disgruntled employee. There MUST be some of those around…

Listen to the leaked audio for yourself (below)!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

May 16, 2016 11:28am PDT

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