Justin Bieber Says Sorry To Fans In Argentina As It’s Revealed He Can’t Enter The Country Due To Legal Issues!

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It looks like Justin Bieber is still not welcome in Argentina!

On Monday, Justin made the sad announcement to fans in Argentina that his Purpose tour will NOT make it to the country as planned. Apparently Biebs can’t enter the country due to legal issues.

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In a series of tweets (some have now been deleted), J.B. expressed his sincerest apologies to his fans while also explaining that his lawyer essentially declared a trip to Argentina impossible. Check out the singer’s remorseful tweets (below)!

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As for “legal conditions” the 21-year-old is talking about, TMZ reports Biebs’ team believes a judge could issue an arrest warrant in connection to a 2015 assault case tied to one of his bodyguards. Even though the warrant has been pulled, his people fear the judge could try to re-arrest the bad boy as the legal case against his bodyguard is still ongoing.

Sounds like a tricky situation! It’s too bad this legal mess will prevent Justin from seeing his Argentinian fans.

For those who don’t remember, this isn’t the first time the musician has been in trouble with the country. Back in 2013, the El Lay resident offended officials when he mistakenly kicked Argentina’s flag off stage while performing a concert. Bieber later apologized to fans explaining he thought the flag was a t-shirt.

So, do YOU think Justin should still go to Argentina despite the risk?

May 16, 2016 2:56pm PDT

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