Ben & Jerry’s Announce New Flavor To Fight North Carolina Voter Suppression!

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There’s no doubt North Carolina has been a VERY controversial place lately, between the House 2 Bill and the recent voting law dilemmas.

And Ben & Jerry’s have decided to do something about it!

Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who were arrested last month while protesting money’s role in politics, have created an ice cream flavor to help support their fight!

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The new flavor is appropriately titled “Empower Mint” and is a peppermint ice cream with fudge brownies and fudge swirls.

Mmm… civil disobedience never sounded so delicious…

But it’s not all about taste as the new flavor is actually launching in unison with Ben & Jerry’s “Democracy Is In Your Hands” campaign which B&J describes as:

“A year long effort focused on getting fans and citizens alike to take a stand in support of democracy that truly represents the needs of all Americans.”

Cohen and Greenfield’s goal is to not only encourage people to vote, but to raise awareness about restrictive voting laws in some states. The founders chose North Carolina not only because of the whole bathroom bill controversy that has resulted in a lawsuit and a counter lawsuit, but because last month a federal judge upheld a law that requires voters to show I.D. at the polls.

This makes it much more difficult for minorities, as well as the elderly and students to vote, as they often don’t have the right form of identification. Not only that, but the ruling also prohibits people from registering and voting on the same day, reduces the days of early voting, and disqualifies votes cast in the wrong precinct! What?!

We can’t think of a better way to send a message and bring people together than through ice cream. LOLz!

What do you think of the new flavor and message behind it?!

If YOU still need to register to vote, the ice cream company has even set up a section on their site to help you! You can check it out HERE!

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May 17, 2016 1:38pm PDT

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