Mark Consuelos Reveals He’ll Be Cohosting Alongside Wife Kelly Ripa On Live!

Mark Consuelos will cohost alongside his wife!

It’s a love affair! At least, temporarily, anyway!

Michael Strahan‘s time on Live! is officially over, which means Kelly Ripa is in need of a new cohost. In the meantime, the blonde beauty has plenty of famous friends filling in temporarily while ABC locks down a more permanent selection.

And now you can add Mark Consuelos to that list!

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Earlier this week, Miz Ripa’s husband revealed that he would take a seat next to his wife on the popular morning broadcast, simply saying to E! News:

“I think a couple times.”

Awww! Supporting his lady love off AND onscreen?! That just makes our hearts melt!

And as much as we would love to see Kelly and Mark hosting together all the time as a kickass couple, it doesn’t seem like the Pitch star will be filling Michael’s empty chair forever.

The gorgeous guy also didn’t say much on the sensitive subject, but he did dish about his new show, saying:

“The show that I did made it through a long list of hurdles. It’s about the first female baseball pitcher in the major leagues. I watched the pilot today. I think it’s fantastic! It’s very inspirational.”

In fact, the themes in the 46-year-old’s new project actually seem to reflect a lot of the daytime drama his beautiful bride has gone through lately, adding:

“I think the message is that certain things shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams. That’s very, very true and representative in this pilot.”

And even though Mark might not be the permanent fix to Michael’s exit, it’s nice to know that we’ll at least get to see him sitting alongside his beautiful wife on TV!

[Image via Kyle Blair/WENN.]

May 17, 2016 6:46pm PDT

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