Former American Idol Host Brian Dunkleman’s Estranged Spouse Labels Him As ‘Physically Abusive’ In New Court Docs

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This is a really ugly case of he said/she said.

While former American Idol host Brian Dunkleman‘s crumbling nine year marriage was already in bad shape, it recently just got A LOT worse.

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For those who don’t know, Brian and his estranged spouse Kalea Dunkleman have been battling over their 3-year-old son Jackson for a while now. The war took a turn for the worse earlier this month when B.D. took Jackson from California to his native home of New York where he successfully obtained an emergency order retaining sole legal and primary physical custody of the boy.

Immediately after the actor took the couple’s son out of state, Kalea fired back with an INTENSE appeal to the judge’s decision and legal separation petition on May 9, claiming her ex is “physically abusive” as well as “constantly angry”. K.D. also went on to allege in legal docs obtained by People Magazine that Brian’s characterization of her as a dangerous alcoholic is “markedly different” from the truth.

According to papers filed by Ms. Dunkleman, she did struggle with alcohol at some point after giving birth to Jackson due to the high stress of her job (the momma worked as a publicist for high-profile chefs), and the fact that she was the main provider of income for her family. Coupled with being a new mom, the responsibilities of her life simply became too overwhelming.

The sad docs state:

“The stress of going back to a highly demanding job, being a new mother, and still trying to be the same wife/friend/daughter/and sister I had been before overwhelmed me. Though I didn’t recognize it at the time, and it took much longer for me to see the connection, I began to self-medicate my anxiety and stress with alcohol. It has made me question tenets I once held true and friends I once held dear. It has never, never made me question my love for my son or my devotion to him. It has never affected my ability to care for him; it has never tarnished my unending determination to carve out the best life for him. Alcoholism is an insidious, cunning, powerful disease, but it has never overtaken the relationship between me and Jackson. We are two peas in a pod.”

Wow. What a heartbreaking admission.

On the other side of this battle, Brian remains adamant that Kalea is a dangerous and alcohol dependent woman who shouldn’t be around him or their son. The comedian also contends his ex abused him.

Check out a recent tweet of Dunkleman addressing his troubles (below):

Hmm. Very interesting.

While we’re not sure who to believe in this unfortunate story, we hope these two figure out for the sake of their son. He’s what’s most important in all of this!

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May 18, 2016 12:05pm PST

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