Woman Who Murdered An Innocent Mother In A Botched Kidnapping Attempt Gets Sentenced To Life In Prison

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At least this tragic case has reached a conclusion.

On Wednesday, the Times Free Press reported that Catherine Joann Goins was sentenced to life in prison for murdering mother of two Natalia Brianne Roberts in September of 2014.

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For those who don’t know, Catherine lured Natalia over to her friend’s house with the promise of free baby clothes. Instead of giving the innocent woman what she came for, Goins instead shot her in the back of the head while Roberts’ three-year-old daughter and newborn girl were also present.

According to prosecutors and Catherine’s eventual confession, she had intended to steal Natalia’s baby. The disturbed woman allegedly had pretended to be pregnant many times before and it was her intention to fake having a kid so her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her.

While C.G.’s heinous and unspeakable crime could have landed her a death penalty sentence, prosecutors secured a plea deal to avoid a painful trial for the family. Catherine will now face life in prison instead.

As for Natalia’s family’s reaction to the verdict, a legal rep expressed:

“They’re a good, Christian family. They had to come to terms with the plea deal. And this is the way they felt they were led to go.”

So sad. We just hope the family finds some sense of peace with this resolution.

[Image via Times Free Press.]

May 18, 2016 6:09pm PDT

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