Josh Duhamel Returning For Transformers: The Last Knight — And He’s Already Bantering On Twitter With Mark Wahlberg!

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He’s back!

This week, Paramount Pictures announced the official title of the next Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight!

Well it didn’t take long for the first major casting news to drop, in the form of someone from the robot franchise’s past — Josh Duhamel!

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Duhamel will be reprising his role as Lieutenant Colonel Lennox, who appeared in the first three movies but didn’t show up in the most recent flick, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

In all the excitement, Josh took to Twitter to share his announcement (below):

Well director Michael Bay of course had to have a bit of fun with his actor, writing:

The 43-year-old actor knew just how to respond though:

And seeing as how Mark Wahlberg became the new face of the franchise in the last Transformers movie — and is returning for this one as well — he decided to send a shout out to Josh:

But it’s not all work on the set as Fergie‘s husband pointed out:


As for the future of the franchise, The Last Knight is the first installment in a new series of Transformers movies that are being written by The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman and Daredevil‘s Steven DeKnight!

The film isn’t set to hit theaters until June 23, 2017, but we’re definitely on board with bringing Duhamel back — as we’re sure he’s happy to be doing a major motion picture again!

Are you excited about The Last Knight or are you over the Transformers franchise?

May 18, 2016 3:17pm PDT

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