Sources Surrounding Justin Bieber Continue To Proclaim He’s Not Losing It!

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Justin Bieber‘s mental health continues to be a big discussion these days!

Following J.B.’s disturbing behavior in Boston earlier this month (walking barefoot around town, hanging out in trees, etc.), sources come forward with another story that he’s doing just fine.

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Going off previous reports that Bieber is just trying to find solace amidst his insane level of fame, sources close to People Magazine confirmed fans have nothing to worry about. In fact, Biebs is allegedly handling his stress in a positive way for once!

Explaining why we’ve seen the singer in very inneresting situations as of late, an insider confessed it’s nothing more than exhaustion:

“Two months into it, and he already feels beat. He’s not losing it, though. He’s just trying to find ways to focus.”

What a relief! Considering we’ve seen Justin act out A LOT over the years, this nature loving side of him is a nice reprieve. We don’t need to see him illegally drag racing in Florida or anything like that now do we!

The source went on to add:

“Visiting parks and meditating calms him.”

Well, it’s better than booze! Though judging of Biebaroo’s Instagram, he’s definitely still enjoying the good life while on tour…

So, do YOU believe this recent report?

May 18, 2016 3:04pm PDT

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