Kellie Martin Opens Up About Her Hectic Life With Two Kids & How She Came Up With Her ‘Bonus’ Baby’s Moniker!

kellie martin talks kids

It looks like Kellie Martin has settled into her new life as a mother of two quite nicely.

On Wednesday, the ER alum opened up about juggling her nine year old, her “bonus” baby Olivia James, and a barn full of animals. Aww!

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Miz Martin dished:

“We really weren’t planning on having another baby. It was just one of those situations that this baby wanted to be here. She really is such a sweet surprise all the way around. She’s our bonus baby!”

Too cute! Still, the 40-year-old was more than happy when she discovered she was having a girl.

Kellie continued:

“I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I know girls, so I was really, really happy to have another girl. A boy would have been a whole other thing to figure out.”

LOLz! Well, that’s very fair.

Thankfully, the Life Goes On actress has a dedicated partner in her husband Keith Christian. She added:

“He helps me so much and he makes me brave, because I find babies terrifying, which is probably why I put off having another one for so long! It’s a huge adjustment. My husband keeps saying it’s man-on-man defense. He’s got one, I’ve got one, and then we’ll switch. It’s a lot more work, but we’re seeming to manage it pretty well.”

LOVES it! However, Keith isn’t the only one helping out as little OJ’s sister Margaret Heather has been lending a hand too.

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Kellie noted:

“She’s so helpful. She loves being a big sister and she loves reading books to her. It’s really, really sweet.”

Not to mention, the youngster even named her baby sister. The mother of two explained:

“Maggie said, ├óΓé¼╦£What about Olivia?’ I was like, ├óΓé¼╦£I love it!’ And I’m a huge Scandal fan. We didn’t fully name her after Olivia Pope, but I have a great affection for the character!”

HIGHlarious! With such a crazy household, it’s no wonder that the California native is not rushing back to work. She concluded:

“I’m a calmer mom this time. It’s hard to know that you have to kind of stop your life, and really just give yourself over to it, but if you do that, you’re so much happier.

I really decided that I was going to do more of that rather than fight against it, which is what I did with my first one. With this baby, I really decided I’m not going to rush my body, I’m not going to rush work, I’m just really going to take my time.”

We couldn’t be happier for Kellie and her growing brood. Snaps all around!

[Image via Kellie Martin/Instagram.]

May 18, 2016 12:20pm PDT

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