Meghan Trainor Reveals She Wrote Just A Friend To You About A REAL LIFE Doomed Relationship! See What Happened When She Told Him!

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There’s nothing more sadly familiar than the ache of a love that can never be.

That’s what makes one of the ballads on Meghan Trainor‘s new album Thank You so heartbreaking!

The pop star recently opened up about her track Just A Friend to You, telling People the song is “one of the favorite songs I’ve ever written in my entire life” — because it was inspired by a real-life doomed relationship!

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She explained:

“[It’s] about this situation that I had since I was 18. We live in different places and it can never work out, but for some reason, we always come back to each other and we’re always like, ‘We shouldn’t do this!'”

Who knew the songstress had a legit star crossed lover all this time!?

Trainor finally exposed her feelings to her friend after finishing the “heartbreaking and real” track, as she “put the headphones on his head and said “Listen, wrote you a song.” She continued:

“I teared up, and he was like, ‘I didn’t know, but I hoped.’ We were both trying to tell each other that we love each other because we thought it would never happen, and then we finally exploded and was like, ‘Hi, I have to tell you I love you no matter what happens.”

Wow, that’s some Romeo and Juliet shiz right there!

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Despite having confessed her feelings, the singer admits she enjoys the single life at this stage in her career, adding:

“I’m just dating myself. If I have little flings, they always die ’cause of the schedule, or the guy’s not right. It’s a tough job to date a pop star! Whoever will be able to do it will be the one.”

Though there’s no rush for the singer to settle down anytime soon, we would love it if Meghan’s Future Husband turns out to be this mysterious friend of hers!

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May 18, 2016 1:50pm PDT

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