Rose Byrne Flaunts Her Post-Baby Body For Playboy & Dishes On Her Longtime Beau Bobby Cannavale!

Rose Byrne

In one of her most candid interviews yet, Rose Byrne gets real about working with her baby daddy Bobby Cannavale and being a leading woman in comedy.

Before we get down to business, can we talk about how smokin’ the 36-year-old actress look just three months after giving birth back in February for this Playboy spread? Get it, girl!

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Aside from the seriously sexy pics (in one of the mag’s first features since implementing the no-nude policy), Miz Byrne opened up about noticing similarities between her parenting style and that of her own Aussie ‘rents:

“It’s funny how it manifests itself. My parents are very no-nonsense Australians: They don’t like fanfare or fussiness. They’re incredibly self-sufficient and curious. I hope I’m like them in those ways. Australians are real wanderers; we’re well traveled because we’re so isolated. That’s something I’m proud of in being an Australian.”

As for her longtime boyfriend Cannavale, the beauty says the duo doesn’t have a problem continuing to work together on set:

“I imagine it would be more of a challenge if one of us were directing the other. As with any creative endeavor, you want the best for them. So if it’s a failure, or if it’s not going well, it can be heartbreaking. When we’re working on something together, the stakes can feel pretty high.”

That makes sense!

Byrne is becoming one of the industry’s go-to comedic actresses — as she’s starred in Neighbors, Neighbors 2, Get Him to the Greek, and of course, Bridesmaids alongside Kristen Wiig.

As amazing as that is, Byrne can’t help be frustrated with how women in comedy are discussed in the media:

“With Bridesmaids, all the press focused on was, ‘Wow, they’re all women, and they’re funny!’ You would never say that about a comedy with all guys. No one would say, ‘They’re men, and they’re funny!’ We were really treated like aliens in the press. I was so naive, I didn’t even think about it during the press tour. I didn’t realize that was all anyone would want to talk about — that we were women. …It’s something I wish we didn’t have to talk about.”

Ugh. Fortunately she’s working to change the conversation!

[Image via Playboy.]

May 18, 2016 3:48pm PDT

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