Sharon Osbourne Knew Something Was Up With Ozzy Osbourne When He Went Missing For TWO DAYS Without Explanation!

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We can’t believe Ozzy Osbourne would make Sharon Osbourne worry like that!

In a recent issue of Us Weekly, sources claim Sharon experienced a very disturbing situation with Ozzy prior to discovering his alleged bombshell affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. According to insiders, the singer disappeared for TWO WHOLE DAYS after he told Mrs. O he was going out for a walk.

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Obviously, the icon’s confusing absence set off alarm bells for the family, especially since he has a serious medical condition similar to Parkinson’s disease. Mr. Osbourne also had well-documented issues with substance abuse which has caused him to go in and out of rehab throughout the years.

A confidante conveyed S.O.’s fear, revealing:

“Sharon thought he had gone on a walk and had some kind of medical emergency.”

Ugh. We can’t imagine how freaked out the momma must have been!

In a smart move, Sharon enlisted the help of her three kiddos Jack, Aimee, and Kelly Osbourne to figure out where their dad was. Per their investigation, they discovered a very fishy clue in their dad’s phone.

The source confessed:

“There was a number no one recognized. It was Michelle’s.”

DAYUM. That must have been a hard blow for the fam!

To make matters even WORSE, the rocker would not fess up to his whereabouts:

“Ozzy wouldn’t come clean about where he was.”

Yuck. Not cool, Ozzman.

Even though there’s a lot betrayal in this situation, it looks like Sharon is committed to remaining strong in public. The talk show host even as far to support her estranged spouse at a recent press conference.

So, do YOU think the businesswoman should divorce Ozzy?

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May 18, 2016 2:20pm PDT

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