Chloë Grace Moretz Claims Sex Scenes & Her Young Hollywood Lifestyle Makes Dating Difficult!

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The struggle can be very real for Chloë Grace Moretz!

In a recent interview with The EDIT Magazine, Chlo├â┬½ opened up about what it’s like to date as a young and rising star in Hollywood. From seXXXy scenes in movies to a hectic work schedule, there’s a lot to worry about when you’re a celeb in the dating game!

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Speaking on her past relationship troubles, C.G.M. revealed:

“They’ve seen you in sex scenes in movies, they know what you look like crying, and they can read your interviews and know your favorite bands, so it feels like they have all this in common with you…Happens a lot. I’ll think, ‘How are we vibing so hard right now?’ Then I realize, and I don’t care anymore. I just go back to work.”


It sucks that she had to deal with such untrustworthy people, but it’s good to know she found solace with Brooklyn Beckham — he definitely knows his way around Hollywood!

In fact, the blonde has promised to only date celebrities and Hollywood like-minded people in the future:

“They’d understand the travel, the sex scenes with random people, the crazy schedules.”

Makes sense to us! A lot of high-profile people follow a similar route.

To make Chlo├â┬½’s love life even smoother these days, her brothers totally have her back!

Gushing over her supportive siblings, the beauty quipped:

“My brothers answer the door and they’re like, ‘Yo.’ All four of them. And they’re big dudes├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥all over six-foot. It’s like, ‘You mess with [Chloe├î╦å] and we will kill you.’ I love that!”

Ha! So amazing! You better watch your step, Mr. Beckham!

So, what do you think about Moretz’s dating philosophy?

[Image via EDIT Magazine.]

May 19, 2016 2:38pm PST

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