Catholic Church Will Allow Gay Couple To Get Buried Next To Each Other — Just Not With Their Same Sex Marriage Tombstone…

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Even if you’re a bigot… this doesn’t make much sense.

Michael DeLeon and Greg Bourke have spent the last 30 years together, have been married since 2004, and have even raised two children as a couple, but they may not be able to spend eternity together.

That’s because a Catholic Church in Louisville, Kentucky has allowed the husbands to get buried in their cemetery… they just can’t do it with the tombstone they had in mind!

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Apparently, Michael and Greg, both 58, applied to be buried at the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville in order to take the burden off their kids, but their gravestone depicting two male hands with wedding rings above the Supreme Court was deemed inappropriate for the Church back in March.

According to Catholic Charities executive director Javier Fajardo, the diocese believed the gay symbol went against the Bible, saying:

“Inscriptions on grave markers are permitted so long as they do not conflict with any teaching of the Church. Your proposed markings are not in keeping with this requirement.”

So homosexuality is okay… just as long as it stays underground?

However, it wasn’t until this week that Greg really started to question the hypocrisy behind the decision at a news conference, saying :

“We feel like we’ve been dealt with unfairly. [It’s] not any more outrageous than other things — It’s very modest, not over-sized, and not in a well-trafficked part of the cemetery.

[However,] The Archdiocese has every legal right to do what they’re doing. We have no protection whatsoever in a situation like this.”

If you’re asking yourself why the Church would accept a gay couple into their grounds, but not a picture promoting same-sex couples, it may be important to take a look at Michael and Greg’s legal background.

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As it turns out, the pair was actually listed as plaintiffs in Obergefell v. Hodges, which made same-sex marriage legal in the United States… something the Archdiocese probably wasn’t too happy about.

Do U think Mike and Greg’s tombstone is too outlandish for a cemetery??

[Image via Greg Bourke/Facebook.]

May 19, 2016 5:52pm PDT

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