Holly Madison Goes In On Kendra Wilkinson By Comparing Her To Azealia Banks! Ouch!

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These two can NOT stop talking about each other!

As we’ve reported, former Playboy mansion roommates and costars Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson have been at each other’s throats for weeks now. While the two had an awful falling out last year when Holly released her juicy tell-all taking down Hugh Hefner, things have recently become exceptionally worse.

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To refresh those not keeping up with the celeb feud circuit, Kendra straight up declared that Ms. Madison was an anal queen while also alleging that she was the “clean up girl” for Hef during her time at the mansion. The momma also went on a crazy Twitter tirade against H.M. in addition to hitting up Jenny McCarthy‘s podcast with more wild accusations.

While promoting her new book, The Vegas Diaries, Ms. Madison addressed the controversy with her most pointed jab yet. To Holls’ credit, she has stayed relatively mum amidst all of Ms. Wilkinson’s barbs.

In a convo with Us Weekly, the blonde said:

“It was a little, like, Azealia Banks-y. But one of the things I write about in The Vegas Diaries is moving on, and when you move on and make big changes in your life, there’s always going to be people from your past who aren’t going to be comfortable with that fact, for whatever reason.”

Ha! We can sort of see that comparison ourselves!

It’s just too bad Ms. Banks’ can’t respond to the reference now that her Twitter has FINALLY been suspended. So tragic!

As of now, K.W. has yet to respond to her rival’s burn. We’re hoping Kenny takes the advice of her friend Bridget Marquardt to take the high road — all this fighting is nonsense, especially since Holly is currently preggo with baby #2!

So, what do YOU think of Holly’s comparison?

May 19, 2016 1:17pm PDT

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