Kendra Wilkinson Says Holly Madison Is Keeping Us From A Girls Next Door Reunion — Because She Has ‘Too Much To Hide!’ SHADE!

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These girls have moved on!

Bridget Marquardt may have finally involved herself in Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison‘s feud on Thursday, but she better not get her hopes up for a Girls Next Door reunion anytime soon.

The trio first became famous for dating Hugh Hefner in front of E!‘s cameras from 2005 to 2010, but now the Kendra on Top star has pretty much confirmed we’ll never be seeing any more of them together.

Video: Bridget Marquardt Is Pissed She’s No Longer Kendra’s No. 2

During an interview with People Now out Thursday, Kenny basically placed all the blame on Holly for why we’ve never gotten another Playboy spinoff.

In fact, Kendra flat out said her bestie-turned-rival wouldn’t be okay with another reality show because she “has too much to hide,” saying:

“Right now with Bridget, we’re currently talking things out, because she’s open to it. She has an open heart and we want to talk things out and clear the air because we both have nothing to hide.”

110 degrees in the SHADE!!!

Kendra already spilled the beans on Holly and Hef’s history with anal so we’re not quite sure what else she could be hiding…

Do U think this could all just be a massive media stunt and they’ll be announcing Girls Next Door 2.0 later this Summer?!

No. Us neither.

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May 19, 2016 12:27pm PDT

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