Holly Madison Totally Dodged Questions About Kendra Wilkinson During Her Reddit AMA!

Here's what she WILL talk about.

Ask her anything… unless it’s about Kendra Wilkinson!

On Thursday, Holly Madison hosted an AMA on Reddit, and made it pretty clear she was over all the sh*t talking with her Playboy frenemy!

When one user asked the expecting mother about her famous feud with the reality star, she blatantly ignored the question and didn’t respond!

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The 36-year-old and Hank Baskett‘s wife exchanged verbal blows after Miz Madison trashed her time at Hugh Hefner‘s infamous mansion in her book Down The Rabbit Hole.

But the gorgeous gal told her fans that not every Playboy alum reacted negatively to her tell-all, saying:

“Most of the people – I haven’t really heard from anybody after – just because I’m not easy to get a hold of, at all! But somebody did point out a Youtube video to me where a former Playmate was giving her story, and I don’t really want to get into what it was, because it was kind of some serious accusations, but it was something I was surprised to see.”

The blonde beauty, who just released the sequel to her first memoir — The Vegas Diaries — explained that she’d never go back to being a Bunny, dishing:

“That’s a complicated question because I like where I ended up in life, and I think the mistakes you make, you learn lessons for a reason. But if I had to actually go through it all again, I think I would actually just go work for Disney or something, because I’m exhausted! I wouldn’t want to do it all again.”

Well, it looks like that’s the closest she got to actually talking about Kendra! LOL!

Read on for more HIGHlights from her online exchanges (below)!

On the way reality TV actually works: “Um, usually the process for filming involves meeting with producers ahead of time and going over plans for the next few months. And then they would come up with plot lines that work those activities into it. They plan which days they would film, and come up with a plot to come along with. And we’d go with it! Sometimes spontaneous things would happen, sometimes we would have to shoot things that happened off camera. It’s kind of a mixed bag, you just try to tell the story as best you can.”

On a scary incident with a fan: “There’s actually a chapter in The Vegas Diaries about an incident that was kind of scary. Someone came to my house, and the rest of the story is in the book, but it was kind of frightening.”

On whether or not she wants more kids: “Yea! I think so – definitely. I’m just taking it slow, and I want to see how this baby is heh and make sure I don’t take on more than I can handle, but my husband and I probably want more kids, most likely.”

On picking out baby names: “My husband and I are still debating. I’ve always had a lot of favorite girl names, but I’ve never really had a boy name that resonated with me, so we’re kind of waiting for a last minute epiphany.”

Advice for her younger self: “I’d tell myself not to be scared to stand up for myself, and don’t be too much of a people pleaser. I think that was one of my fatal flaws – I was always afraid to step out of line, or of ‘getting in trouble,’ so – I wasn’t as fearless as a I should have been.”

On her stage name: “You know what’s funny, I picked it because my last name at the time was Cullen and I wanted to change it – in part because my family is private, and also because – this was way back when, before the Twilight movies, and no one knew how to pronounce it! It was always Collins or Callins. So I wanted the easiest possible name that I felt like was so All-American, and so easy to spell and pronounce, so I chose it! But now everyone asks me ‘Is that Madison with 2 D’s?’ and I’m like ‘Who spells Madison with 2 D’s?!’ hahaha”

[Image via Holly Madison/Twitter.]

May 20, 2016 7:51pm PDT

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