New BFFs Barack Obama & Anthony Bourdain Get Together For A Casual Meal In Vietnam! See The Pics!

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When you’re the President of the United States, you don’t get to have many casual meals in public.

Unless you’re Barack Obama and you decide to grab a bite to eat with TV travel guru Anthony Bourdain at a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam, apparently!

The leader of the free world and the Parts Unknown host got together at a low-key restaurant in the south Asian city on Monday for a meal of grilled pork and rice noodles and a swig of Hanoi beer!

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And as you can see (above), the two chatted casually as restaurant-goers just kinda hung out behind ’em!

The get-together is taking place as Obama makes his way around south Asia, and it was filmed to air as part of Bourdain’s CNN travel show. So there was a point slightly more important than just a casual dinner to it all, but that’s certainly the fun vibe we’re getting!

And when we say the two went casual, we mean REALLY casual!

Can you guess the total cost of their dinner bill?! Or who picked up the tab?? Check out the big reveal — and more photos — below!

Six bucks! Good thing Bourdain was there to swoop in on the check.

After all, Obama is living off our tax dollars as Prez, and that’s six bucks saved, right?! Ha!!

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The politician was snapped leaving the restaurant after the meeting — which is set to air on a September episode of Bourdain’s show:

And then after the dinner, Mr. President decided to say hi to some of the Vietnamese people:

Too cool!

Anthony Bourdain’s life, y’all… going forward how will he ever outdo dining with Barack at a Hanoi hole in the wall?!


[Image via Anthony Bourdain/Instagram.]

May 23, 2016 6:27pm PDT

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