Brielle Biermann Goes On An Epic Rant Against Haters Accusing Her Of Plastic Surgery!

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Complaining to her fans, B.B. reiterated:

“Y’all are so f*cking disgusting to think that I’ve had any plastic surgery done to my face. Stop trying to tear me down and make seem like I’m someone who’s fake, because I’m not. I would be honest about all the plastic surgery I’ve had done and it’s getting really ridiculous and hurtful.”

Wow! We never knew just how hard the “hurtful” comments hit Brielle until now.

As for why the blonde looks so banging these days, she chalked it up to “genetics”. It’s a reasonable excuse considering her momma is just as gorgeous!

Brielle also went on to name Kylie specifically in her angry dialogue, arguing:

“Kylie looks like a completely different person and she says all she’s had done is her lips. and same with me.”

Yup! Not to mention K.J. and Biermann have perfected their contouring game which definitely can change a gal’s look.

Summing up her points, the Atlanta resident ended her message with some fiery words:

“I was honest about my lips which took a lot of courage for me to do, and I’m being honest now. I’ve never got my mother f*cking nose done holy sh*t. Keep commenting your bullsh*t… Bye.”

Yikes. The 19-year-old is NOT here for this drama!

Despite all the negativity thrown at her, there are still a lot of fans that stand by the teen:

“selfless_beauty: She didn’t have surgery! She clearly lost a few pounds and had been waist training. She did put filler in her lips. That’s evident.

_ck216: Let her live! She’s young and coming into her own, figuring out who she is and wants to be!!! Plus, have u ever heard of working good angles??? The girl knows how to work a camera!!”

  • a.lex505: Y’all just need to worry about yourselves. Whether she got surgery or not it shouldn’t matter to you. You only call her out on it because of jealousy. If you want a body like hers work out don’t eat junk it’s not that difficult. If you can afford surgery and want it then get it. It’s her life she van lol be it they way she wants to, and if she wants to get stuff done and not tell everybody about it that’s also her decision. Leave her alone, stay positive towards others. She’s just a normal young woman trying to have fun and figure out her own life. Quit judging her.

So, do YOU believe Brielle?

[Image via Snapchat.]

May 23, 2016 4:55pm PDT

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