Celine Dion Opens Up About Breaking Down At The Sight Of Her Son At The Billboard Music Awards!

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What an emotional night.

Celine Dion pretty much won the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday thanks to her showstopping performance of Queen‘s The Show Must Go On.

However, it was the moment after the song finished that has people talking, because the 48-year-old broke down on stage after being presented with the Icon Award by her 15-year-old son René-Charles.

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As you’re surely aware, Celine lost her husband Ren├â┬⌐ Ang├â┬⌐lil to cancer back in January, and the BBMAs actually marked her first return to television!

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Celinita after the awards show where she got pretty candid about experiencing so many emotions on camera, saying:

“You have to be strong, but I think it’s important as well to not hold everything. I tried to hold it in front of my 5-year-old twins, but my 15-and-a-half-year-old, beautiful son is old enough to understand. Even though I did not want to cry, he understands it’s okay because it is therapeutic and you can’t take so much pressure. You can take so much strength and weight on your shoulders, but sometimes you can’t control everything.

To try to perform that song without collapsing was big enough and then I turned around and I saw my son. As a mother, I really… through this whole process of our new life, wanted to be strong. I thought I was going to make it through the whole night without tears and show strength, and love won — I just collapsed. I’m very thankful for the award and proud of my family so much.

I’m not the first woman and I’m not the last one who will lose her husband. It’s hard, but my family is helping me through it. I hope I think people know that I don’t do music, I don’t do my passion and sing to win an award. It’s never been the number one goal. It’s to share moments with fans and the celebration of music itself.”


We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult that must have been for her, but we’re glad she had her son by her side!

What was your favorite part of Celine’s big win at the Billboard Music Awards??

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May 23, 2016 1:59pm PDT

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