Ben Folds Opens Up About Kesha’s Dr. Luke Drama & Says Their Performance At The Billboard Music Awards Was Her ‘Declaration Of Independence!’

See what Ben has to say about the Dr. Luke drama!

Kesha really is taking her life back.

On Sunday, the pop princess earned a standing ovation after slaying a powerful performance of Bob Dylan‘s It Ain’t Me Babe alongside Ben Folds and violinist Rob Moose.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the 29-year-old’s time on the T-Mobile Arena stage, considering Dr. Luke had almost banned her from singing during the show.

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On Monday, the former Ben Folds Five frontman opened up to Billboard about their emotional collaboration, explaining that the Sony producer screwed up their original plan by pulling the plug:

“We were slated to do it for weeks, and [last week] she was heading over to my house and we were getting ready to practice and I got the word that it was in fact canceled. Rob Moose [of yMusic], who played violin [at the BBMAs], and I had arranged it for a small chamber ensemble. And [during the Orpheum performance last week], it went over really well. But then we got the call: ‘Actually, you’re on [for the BBMAs], bring the ensemble.’ ‘Oh, we can’t because they’re all on airplanes now,’ so Rob and I just pared it down.”

But the 49-year-old admitted that the TiK ToK artist didn’t have any intention of calling out her alleged abuser at the ceremony.

He explained why the singer kept her promise to leave the Kemosabe Records label head out of her TV time, saying:

“One of the things I love about her is that her focus was on the music and not on the sh*t. Like, think of all the sh*t she could have done with that show! And it would have made for good TV if she wore a shirt that said some bullsh*t on it, but the fact that she just went inside and made intensely expressive music — that’s class.”

And when it came to choosing a song for the big night, the North Carolina native dished that Kesha wasn’t scheming about making a subtle statement, adding:

“Well, she just had a list of her favorite songs, and that was one of them. I don’t know why she picked it, but I have musical reasons for being very interested in it. Certainly, there was never any meaning discussed behind it that would play into some sort of drama outside the stage.”

However, the songwriter did say the cool cover of this folk song was a liberating experience for the legally embattled artist:

“If you wanted to make a stretch, it is a declaration of independence of some sort. It’s like, ‘I’m not going to be this for you.’ I don’t think we’re talking about literal things as much as it’s a metaphor for a giant — not just the music business, but people’s expectations. And that’s not even speaking about all that legal sh*t — it’s more about the right of an artist or person to grow.”

And regarding “all that legal sh*t,” Ben says it hasn’t completely consumed the blonde’s personality:

“Well, oddly, she’s more relaxed than I would think. I think she goes back and forth. It’s horrible, I think she’s in a hard position. But she’ll talk sh*t for a while and just be Kesha — and she’s funny as hell, she has me in stitches.”

But the pianist did confess that the hitmaker isn’t completely immune to the serious stress she’s feeling, exclaiming:

“And at the same time I’ve seen it get the best of her a few times where it’s like her nervous system shuts down and it’s tears time. But that’s to be expected. I can’t imagine what that feels like in her position.”

And the musician also admired the way the celeb isn’t only concerned with her own wellbeing during these ongoing issues with Luke.

He revealed that the California native is also worried about how the continuing controversy will affect the people she employs:

“I’ve met a lot of rock stars in my day and I haven’t heard any of them talk about their responsibility to others, the people that work for them, as much as she does. ‘Well, I’ve got people who depend on me, that have kids and have a life and this is all based around this business that we have and I feel very responsible for them.’ That’s kind of cool.”

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May 23, 2016 7:52pm PDT

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