Kim Kardashian Is NOT Here For This! Recap Last Night’s Wild KUWTK With Us HERE!

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It was the Kim Kardashian West show on KUWTK last night, and we are not complaining!

(Wait, isn’t it the Kim show on KUWTK EVERY week?! LOLz…)

Anyways, Sunday night’s ep following the Billboard Music Awards was all kinds of drama-filled fun, and it centered around Kim and who else?! Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, y’all!!

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Rob was being his usual subversive self on Sunday night, making a meme out of his family and mocking momma Kris Jenner on social media, but Kim — and sis Khlo├â┬⌐ — were thankfully not afraid to call him out on it!

About Rob’s actions — and overall choice to date BC knowing the history she has with the K-fam — Kim told the camera at one point during the show:

“I understand that Kylie dating Tyga completely broke Chyna’s heart. I feel for her in that, you know, situation. Was it uncomfortable for me when Kylie and Tyga started to date? Absolutely. Because Chyna was my friend, but I had no choice but to take my sister’s side. That’s my sister.”

Blood is thicker than, uh, old friendships?! And sisterhood trumps all — even the relationship with your little brother, apparently.

But while Kim was being diplomatic about things, Khlo decided to be a little more straightforward with Rob, sharing her displeasure for her little bro’s need to post inappropriate things on Instagram:

“When the p*ssy’s so good you’d rather be an orphan?! Rob is too busy to respond to me, but he’s not too busy to post a f*cking meme. That’s so unnecessary.”

Uh… wow.

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But the Rob ‘n’ Blac fun doesn’t stop there!

After Kylie Jenner posted a ‘Cooking with Kylie’ vid on her app, Blac made a shady reference about it on social media because she had a cooking show first, apparently.

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Tyga‘s woman (at the time this was filmed) went straight to Kim, upset at the reference, and made her case that she didn’t know Chyna cooked on the Internet, because, hey, who follows BC’s life day by day?!

Kim set the record straight there, and left unimpressed with Rob — again — for not taking his sister’s side in an argument that divided the family:

“The fact that my brother would allow his girlfriend to talk about his little sister publicly is so not cool.”

You’re not coming out of this looking very good, Rob…

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ALL of the Kim-and-Blac-and-Rob-and-Kylie-and-Tyga nonsense and drama came to a head when Rob put the phone on speaker next to BC with Kim on the other end… and Kimmy K hung up!!!

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The superstar had a very good reason for doing so, as she told producers later:

“So I called Rob and he said that Chyna wants to talk to me and you know I just told him that I’ll talk to her when I’m ready. And so he put me on speaker and then he was like, ‘Oh Kim, Chyna’s in the room, I just wanted to tell you so you didn’t think I was alone. And so I go, ‘OK gotta go bye.’ And I hung up. I’ll talk to her when I’m ready.”

OK, girl!!

But Rob was SO far from being done on this ep… because he decided it’d be a good move to shade the momager on Snapchat and IG. (Didn’t we JUST go through this social media stuff, Robert?! Come on, man!)

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Kris went in on her son, just like Kim had been doing all night, going after Rob’s anger about her apparent taste in groceries for the family:

“I don’t really wanna deal with Rob right now because they went on his Instagram and posted all these pictures making fun of the food I bought. Your dad would have expected more out of Rob.”

Oooh, that last line cuts deep!!

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After Kim — again — called Rob to try to get him on the right track, things sort of got resolved when he dropped by the Hidden Hills home to talk to his momma:

“Why would your son go around publicly making fun of his own mother? His only mother. I’m very appreciative of everything, I always say that. I’m not that type of person. You obviously didn’t understand the humor.”

Hmm… add us to the ‘skeptical’ category on that explanation.

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Kris’ other storyline revolved around Kim and Kanye West STILL LIVING AT HOME during the episode, and Kim’s actions around the house — including parking in the middle of Kris’ driveway — set the momager off.

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Kris booted North West out of her room, started sending away all of Kim’s belongings to speed up the move out process, and eventually got this priceless quote out of Yeezy as the young couple headed to their home in Bel Air for the evening:

“I don’t want to sleep at mother-in-law’s house tonight.”

LOLz!! No kidding, ‘Ye!!

But how can we talk KUWTK without mentioning Kendall Jenner?!

The only NORMAL one in the fam had a pathetic story line on Sunday night, revolving around her being in the dumps after thinking all of her sisters had forgotten about her and left her out of family affairs because of her ‘real job.’

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Kenny told cameras about being rejected by Kylie and Kourtney when she came to town:

“How crazy is it that Kourtney and Kylie come out to the city and don’t call me. I don’t wanna be like, forgotten, just because I have to work a lot.”

So true, girl. So. True.

What’d U think of last night‘s KUWTK?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!

May 23, 2016 10:22am PDT

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