Raven-Symon├â┬⌐ Shares Her Emotional Coming Out Story For The ‘It Got Better’ Series

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It’s nice to see a more vulnerable and honest side of Raven-Symon├â┬⌐!

In a video obtained by ET Online, Raven got emotional and candid about her coming out story for the “It Got Better” series, a project born from the “It Gets Better” movement. The mission of the important series is to help members of the LGBT community with self-acceptance and their personal struggles.

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While we know Symon├â┬⌐ had a longtime girlfriend prior to the vid’s release, she has never been so open with her sexuality before this moment. In fact, the actress has always shied away from labeling herself, especially where it concerned her sexuality.

Now the television host is baring all, from when she first realized she was gay to how hiding her true identity ate at her “soul”.

Speaking on her complicated journey, the thirty-year-old confided:

“My likeness… however you see it at that time, had 15 people dictating what I should and should not look like. If I did whatever I want, it’s not gonna sell. It doesn’t go with the brand. I was branded at such a young age. I kinda pushed myself to look for boys,” she reveals.”I look back now like, ‘Woah, you like girls.'”

Wow. It must have been quite difficult for Raven to reveal her sexuality in the public eye.

You can check out the inspiring and enlightening video (below)!

So touching. We’re proud of Ms. Symon├â┬⌐ for speaking out to help others in a similar situation.

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May 23, 2016 6:32pm PDT

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