Adele’s New Diet Is All About Embracing Her Inner ‘Skinny Gene’! Get The Science Behind Her Slimmer Physique HERE!

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Adele is simply flawless inside AND out!

While we’ve always found the singer beyond gorgeous, we can’t help but notice how she’s enhanced her look with a little old fashioned diet and exercise over the past year or so. It hasn’t slipped by us OR fans that the beauty has looked exceptionally great ever since she dropped her celebrated album, 25.

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So, how exactly did the gym loathing momma tone up her bod?

According to insiders, Adele has hooked up with trainer Pete Geracimo (he counsels David Hasselhoff and Kim Cattrall), in addition to embracing the Sirtfood Diet. The meal plan essentially focuses on plant-based foods like kale and buckwheat.

What’s exciting and innneresting about the fad from a science perspective is that it jolts Sirtuin activators which lessens hunger while also activating a person’s “skinny gene”.

The skinny gene, which is formally known as SIRT1, protects one’s cells during times when food is limited or unavailable. The gene then inhibits fat storage and increases metabolism in an effort to promote survival.

Even though this particular gene was more helpful centuries ago for cavemen, scientists have now found ways to yield its beneficial properties for the modern age. Researchers have also found the SIRT1 activator in cocoa powder, turmeric, and green tea which just happens to be a FAVE drink of the icon.

Well, it sounds like the 28-year-old has it all figured out! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a 130 million dollar record deal than with a banging new bod!

So, will YOU try the Sirtfood Diet?

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May 24, 2016 11:57am PDT

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