Kris Jenner Is The New Face Of A Very Shady Business School — Get All The Icky Deets HERE!

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Yikes! Is Kris Jenner pulling her own Donald Trump University?

According to an expose via The Daily Beast, Kris has become the official spokesperson and chairman of the board for Legacy Business School, an institution the site jokingly refers to as a shady European diploma mill. Apparently the school has an extremely SHADY past full of financial issues and deceit.

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Here’s the deal — Legacy Business School is basically a rebranded institution formerly known as The European School of Economics and later the International School of New York. The CEO, a former pop star named Elio D’Anna, had to rename the school after numerous complaints to the New York State Education Department came to light.

Essentially, the school is a for-profit organization that charges a whopping $105K a year for a NON-DEGREE. To top it off, the institution was sued many times for unpaid debts to teachers and other employees.

How gross! We can barely believe this situation!

While Elio first opened campuses across Europe, he eventually decided to expand to America in 2006. The problem is, he never got the okay to run an official campus.

To make the situation even fishier, the school is located in Trump Towers and Mr. Trump himself has thrown galas in their honor as early as 2014. It’s a disturbing piece of info considering the presidential hopeful himself ran a fake university for YEARS.

Oh, and if you thought this venture couldn’t even get MORE low, here’s a major bomb for you — f*cking Jonathan Cheban was nominated the DEAN OF POP CULTURE back in February of 2016. Sadly, we’re not joking here.

Shortly after the Daily Beast‘s investigation, the school’s social media suspiciously deleted and then re-posted a bunch of their content. A rep for the institution then decided to play coy about the bizarre debacle, claiming ignorance of the entire situation.

Sheesh. What a disturbing situation — we just hope this teaches people to fully investigate an institution before they invest in it.

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May 24, 2016 6:47pm PDT

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