Get Ready, Celebrity Football Fans — Los Angeles Was Just Awarded The 2021 Super Bowl!

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Football meets Hollywood on the biggest stage in the world!

The NFL announced on Tuesday during their spring meeting that the city of Los Angeles will host the 2021 Super Bowl — and all the traffic, celebs, and chaos that comes with it!

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Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Los Angeles Rams that moved his team back to the city this offseason after two decades in St. Louis, was ecstatic at the decision and spoke very highly of the situation:

“They had Super Bowls there regularly before there was no team, so with our new stadium and project, it will be unbelievable. I’ve been asked about it a lot when I was in Los Angeles. Everyone’s excited.”

Excited, but also nervously rushing to prepare!

Because the Rams just moved back to El Lay, they are going to temporarily be playing in an older stadium while their brand new, state of the art field in Inglewood, California is built — for $2.6 billion (yes, BILLION).

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That field won’t be ready to open until 2019, and because of that, it sounds like a good decision to award the city of angels the 2021 game, rather than the 2020 one that they had been hoping for.

Kroenke with more:

“You want it to be perfect, right? When you come back to L.A. after all those years, you want to be perfect. So I think an extra year might be good.”

An extra year might be good logistically, but it just leaves us with one more year to wait to see celebs on their home turf acting a fool all week leading up to the big game.

The potential for football-and-fame crossovers and chaos is SO high with an L.A. Super Bowl, and we absolutely can’t wait!!

May 24, 2016 4:46pm PDT

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