Damn, JoJo — The Bachelorette Is Back At It Again & She’s Already Kissing One Of Her Suitors In The Season Premiere!

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What a night!!

The Bachelorette is back and we’re loving this season’s beautiful and funny star, JoJo Fletcher.

Her lineup of men to choose from, though?! Eh… we’ll see. Ha!!

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JoJo kicked off the brand new season on Monday night with the first rose ceremony of the summer, and by all indications with the group of guys involved, we are up for an… inneresting… season.

Of course, Ben Higgins‘ almost pick from the last season of The Bachelor is now looking for love again, and after sealing a meeting with a kiss (!), it doesn’t seem like she’s left her walls up or left herself too guarded this year!

JoJo didn’t seem like she was pining over Ben during last night’s premiere either — which is a good thing — because she told the camera (below):

“I’m so ready for love. I hope that on that final day, there’s someone that I love more than anyone, down on one knee proposing to me ├óΓé¼┬ª Bring on the men!”

Bring on the men, indeed!!

After gabbing with girlfriends — including former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe — about what to expect on the show and blah, blah, blah, we got down to the important stuff: the first night!

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After a long evening of drinks and one-on-one meetings, Jake Pavelka (yes, THAT Jake Pavelka) crashed the party literally at the start of the final rose ceremony, and he whisked JoJo away from all the guys.

Considering how much of a drama queen Jake has been on past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, uh, this was probably not good, right??

But he was only there to… give some advice about keeping her heart open. Boooooo-ring!!!

Can we talk about the boys now, or what?!

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We’ve got all year to run down all the (important) men vying for JoJo’s love, but obviously, there were a few that caught our eye IMMEDIATELY when they stepped out of the limo… and the motorcycle… and the, uh, unicorn named Coconut (seriously). Here’s how they all fared on night one:

Evan is a former pastor who is now an erectile dysfunction specialist, which is, well, a career! He summed up his work and life very interestingly, too:

“A lot of what I do is pumping up my guys and getting them excited. It’s a hard business.”

Yeah… but at the end of the night, JoJo handed him a rose, so he’s around for at least one more week of innuendo!

Luke is a Texas cattle rancher and war veteran who nearly won JoJo’s first impression rose (more on that in a minute), and he gave the bachelorette a BIG welcome — he rode in to their initial meeting on a white horse that had a horn strapped to its head (seriously) to play up the whole unicorn theme that JoJo initially used with Ben last season.

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The status on Luke?! Well, he definitely got a rose… and while he’s not the frontrunner, he isn’t far off the lead after one week.

Jonathan is, well, Jonathan is not part of the show any more. Half Chinese and half Scottish, Jon showed up dressed in a kilt — and then claimed that his Scottish half was the part “below the waist.”

Making jokes about your probably-not-big D to the bachelorette immediately upon meeting her? Ok! Jonathan, that’ll win you… an elimination! Buh bye!

Nick, or shall we say Saint Nick, showed up in a Santa suit and… did NOT get eliminated!

The guy underneath the suit seems pretty cute, to be honest, but we didn’t learn a ton about him. JoJo did sit on his lap, though. That’s not at all creepy.

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James S. is a super-fan of The Bachelor and an expert on the show. No, seriously. We don’t even know anything about him, other than it looks like he sleeps next to a framed picture of host Chris Harrison. But, hey, he hasn’t yet been eliminated, so that’s something. Maybe they want to keep him around for rules clarifications or something…

Daniel, the Canadian creeper, is a weird dude, and he decided to get naked and jump in the pool on the first night of shooting, which is probably a bad idea.

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JoJo definitely thinks he’s a creepy guy, at least judging by her interactions with him — and the fact that he made a Damn, Daniel meme joke that flew completely over her head — but (and this was probably a producer’s doing!!) she handed him a rose at the end of the night. Yawn!

Vinny, a south Florida boy, got drunk on night one and decided it’d be a good idea to tell JoJo about begging for love on the bathroom floor. No, seriously, he up and referenced one of her worst moments from last season when he waltzed in on one of her confessionals and said:

“I will never let you beg for my love on the bathroom floor.”

Uh, gee, thanks buddy… but he got himself a rose! So she’s not completely off it yet…

Photo: Meet The 26 Men Fighting For JoJo’s Heart On The Bachelorette

Chad is kind of the evil villain man of the house, it’d seem. All night he had something bad to say about every single person who walked in the door, and he also had some creepy things to say about JoJo herself:

“If I wanted her, I’ll have her.”

Uh, Chad, buddy, relationships are two way streets. She has to, like, actually like you back.

Nevertheless, he got himself a rose, too…

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Wells came with a full R&B a capella group behind him, and every time he and JoJo hung out, the radio DJ had them singing doo wop in the background. It was sweet, and JoJo definitely enjoyed it, but Wells just seems kind of like he’s quickly gonna find himself in the friend zone. We shall see!

And finally, last but not least — in fact it’s the MOST important — is Jordan!

Jordan, a former NFL quarterback (well, OK, he never actually played in a game but he once was on a team), is the brother of current football superstar Aaron Rodgers. And now, he’s also by far the frontrunner for JoJo’s heart and affection, because on night one, they already shared a couple HOT kisses!!

After pulling our girl away for some private time, the two found they had a really good connection, so Jordan came back a couple minutes later, took JoJo aside, and planted one on her.

That earned him the first impression rose, and a big ol’ target on his back from all the other guys in the house. We smell a sack coming…

Ew, wait, bad wording…

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JoJo summed up her rose decision pretty simply when talking to Jordan:

“I’m really excited about you, and I feel very comfortable with you. So I feel like tonight, this belongs to you.”

Well then.

What do U think — did JoJo make the right call by handing Jordan the first impression rose?!

What are your impressions of all the men in the house after night one??

Let us know in the comments (below)!

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May 24, 2016 10:16am PDT

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