Viral Sensation Chewbacca Mom Can’t Believe Her Facebook Fame, But She Is LOVING It! See How Her Family Is Dealing HERE!

Candace can't believe this is happening!

Chewbacca Mom — AKA Candace Payne — shot to stardom so fast that she can’t even believe it!

The high-spirited Texan won over the Internet last week when she posted a Facebook Live video of herself trying on — and infectiously cracking up at — a Star Wars mask that makes sounds when she moves her mouth.

Since posting it only days ago, the 37-year-old’s cute clip has amassed over 145 MILLION views, shattering the record for the most-watched FB Live video.

Thanks to her newfound social media stardom, the momma-of-two was even featured on James Corden‘s The Late Late Show alongside J.J. Abrams himself!

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So just how is the lovable lady reacting to her sudden fame?

Well, Miz Payne dished to People about how she’s handling all the hubbub, saying:

“It’s something I really can’t grasp and understand but I’m just riding every single wave of this and enjoying every single moment. Taking it all in.”

We have Candace’s theater background to thank for her fabulously energetic and optimistic personality, and said her husband Chris has been “her rock” through everything, adding:

“He knew that when he married me he signed up for a lot. And he absolutely loved everything about me and whatever that would include in our future together, whatever that would include in our journey together. That’s really what marriage is, when you sign up, you sign up for everything. Even the stuff you don’t know that’s coming.”

SO sweet!

In fact, the Grand Prairie resident admitted it was her main man who turned her on to the famous film franchise in the first place, and that they decided to share the magic with their two kids:

“Just recently in all honesty, they’ve started really enjoying the action movies. Things that aren’t necessarily animated or new, but that are really just fan favorite stuff that mom and dad liked growing up. They just were engrossed in it as we were when we were kids. Star Wars is like family to us, with the way that it has incredible story lines and adventure, and good versus evil. You’re always trying to see the good guy win. Who wouldn’t want to show that to their kids? It’s awesome.”

The fabulous female also raved about everyone she’s met since her view count skyrocketed, celebrity or otherwise:

“I’ll tell you that the people that I’ve met the past few days have just been incredible people ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ and not just the ones that I’ve been sitting on the couch with. Those on the street, or in the hotel, or in the airports wanting to take a photo with me. I’ve just been blessed.”

And for now, she’s taking her sudden stardom day by day, saying:

“If this happened to you overnight, what would you do? Doors have been opened for opportunity, and I’m just excited to see what the future holds.”

Candace’s next appearance will be on The Star Wars Show on Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST, airing on the movie’s website and YouTube channel!

[Image via Candace Payne/Facebook.]

May 25, 2016 3:24pm PDT

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