Donald Trump Protesters Arrested At Chaotic New Mexico Rally — And Trump Responds With Another Racist Tweet!

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Donald Trump has made a lot of enemies throughout his climb to become the presumptive Republican nominee, and now his campaign trail is leaving behind actual fires.

Protesters created a chaotic scene by lighting fires, smashing a door, and throwing rocks outside the presidential candidate’s rally in Tuesday night in New Mexico.

Police ushered protesters away from the Albuquerque convention center as they loundly chanted “F*ck Donald Trump.”

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Authorities reported rocks and bottles being thrown at their police horses, and some protesters — many critical of Trump’s positions on immigration — jumped on police vehicles. They also broke a glass door to the convention center.

Officials asserted they did not have to use tear gas on the crowd, noting the only arrests that were made were inside the rally.

Inside, protesters disrupted Trump throughout his speech, and at least three were removed by police after refusing to leave.

The Albuquerque Police Department shared on Twitter:

On Wednesday, Trump responded to the chaos through Twitter in the classy way you’d expect him to — by calling the protesters “thugs” and “criminals” and focusing on race. He shared:

It looks like Trump still doesn’t care about making amends with a community he so clearly offended — in fact, he seems to be enjoying the fact that he’s making it worse!

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

May 25, 2016 3:47pm PDT

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