Chris Evans Is NOT Happy About What Marvel Just Did To Captain America!

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In case you’re wondering what your comic book fan pals are so angry about today, Marvel just did something completely ridiculous and frankly, just plain stupid.

The first issue of the new comic Captain America: Steve Rogers ends with literally the dumbest twist we’ve ever heard of — that Steve has secretly been a Nazi since the very beginning.

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Well, one man has a problem with that — Cap himself Chris Evans!

Upon hearing the inane news, the Civil War star tweeted:

Yeah, that’s how we feel too…

The revelation was accompanied by editor Tom Brevoort and writer Nick Spencer telling the media this is not a trick but is in fact the real Captain America, and they’ve been planning the reveal for a long time.

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We call total B.S. on this! Literally none of his actions over the past 75 years make any sense.

Sometimes a “twist” isn’t surprising because it’s clever but because it’s just so insipid, OF COURSE no one would expect it.

But what do YOU think of Captain America being an agent of Hydra all along?

[Image via Marvel.]

May 26, 2016 2:30pm PDT

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