The Wonder Years Star Arrested & Briefly Jailed For Driving While On Ambien

wonder years star dui

Another celebrity DUI, another day.

On Thursday, it was revealed that The Wonder Years star Jason Hervey was booked for a DUI after taking Ambien before getting behind the wheel. Say it ain’t so!

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According to Tennessee law enforcement sources, the 44-year-old was stopped after cops were notified of a swerving pickup truck on the road. Once pulled over, the police discovered Jason totally out of it with red-eyes and slurred speech. Obviously, Hervey then failed the field sobriety test. Tsk, tsk.

To make matters worse, the cops also found a loaded handgun in the Back To The Future actor’s vehicle, so they had to add a carrying a weapon while under the influence charge to his booking. Oof!

What’s shocking is this whole scene went down back in January of this year and went relatively unnoticed… until now. This past weekend, Jason served 48 hours behind bars for his mistake.

Wow. The ’80s heartthrob owned up to the fact that he DID take his prescribed Ambien but didn’t think before getting into his truck to run a quick errand. It’s said Hervey is just grateful the police got him off the road before something more tragic happened!

Well, at least he learned his lesson!

What do YOU think? Did Jason get off easy?

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May 26, 2016 10:23am PDT

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