YouTube Stars In Legal Trouble Donate ALL Their GoFundMe Money To Fight For Fair Use — Nearly $150,000 So Far!

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Drama in the land of YouTubers!

Two very popular YouTubers — Ethan and Hila, who together make up H3H3 — are being sued by another YouTuber after they made a reaction video to his vid.

And the Internet has a LOT to say about it!!

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Even better, though, the couple has figured out an ingenious way to use the money they’ve been given by supporters worldwide — they are donating ALL of it!

But more on that in a second… first, the back story if you’re not up on the YT crowd…

Ethan and Hila have been making reaction and ‘roast’ videos of crazy things they find on YouTube, and when they came across a channel called MattHossZone, they decided to film another one of their famous video responses to one of the channel’s disgusting, misogynistic uploads.

The video — Bold Guy vs. Parkour Girl — is cringeworthy, so it’s no surprise Ethan and Hila laid into it. Ch-ch-check out MassHossZone’s original vid that started off this whole controversy (below):

When Ethan and Hila put up their response video, they used clips of MattHossZone’s original skit, being legally allowed to do so under fair use laws as they’re providing commentary.

But the creator of that channel — a man named Matt Hosseinzadeh, or as he refers to himself, ‘Bold Guy’ — didn’t take too kindly to their reaction video and flagged it for copyright infringement.

Now, he has sued Ethan and Hila in the process!!

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The flagged video and the lawsuit mean not only are the couple behind H3H3 potentially set to dole out more than $100,000 in legal fees to fight the copyright claim, but also that YouTube may take away their channel’s ability to make money off advertising revenue because of litigation.

That’s a big deal, because just a few months ago, Ethan and Hila quit their jobs and started doing YouTube full time. So this is scary!!

Here they are explaining the issue and the lawsuit back on Tuesday (below):

But then, just when everything was looking bad for the couple, a funny thing happened… YouTubers from all walks of life — including some that Ethan and Hila had roasted before — started donating TONS of money to their legal defense and to pay their bills!!

In just 24 hours beginning on Thursday, they found themselves with well over $100,000, the product of a GoFundMe account set up by another YouTuber looking to support them over Hosseinzadeh.

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And now, as of Friday morning, that fundraiser has nearly $150,000 to its name, all set to support Ethan and Hila battle against the lawsuit!

Ch-ch-check out their reaction video (below), which shows obvious disbelief that they were able to raise so much money:


And it gets even cooler than that — Ethan and Hila were so blown away by the support shown to them, that they are taking the money and instead of just using it for themselves, they are donating every single penny of it to an escrow account set aside to be a legal defense fund to help other YouTubers fight against unfair copyright infringement claims!

They want other YouTubers to know that fair use is not copyright infringement — and they clearly want to help the little guy out if and when other accounts are sued or flagged for behavior that is legal!


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Ethan is HIGHlariously calling the new initiative the Fair Use Protection Account, or “FUPA” for short. OMG!!

Just good to see that the YT community can come together for charity — and for first amendment free speech and fair use rights, even during tough times!!

For more, ch-ch-check out their GoFundMe account HERE!

May 27, 2016 3:14pm PDT

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