Amber Heard Never Told Cops About Johnny Depp’s Alleged Phone Attack, According To Reports

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Whoa — so this would explain why cops reacted the way they did.

TMZ is reporting that Amber Heard never actually told the LAPD that Johnny Depp allegedly smashed her face with an iPhone during their domestic dispute last week, only saying the her and her husband had an argument.

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When cops showed up to the residence after 911 was called by a neighbor, they saw no evidence of an injury on Heard and determined that no crime had been committed, so they let everybody walk away.

Heard never even used Johnny’s name, apparently — referring to the incident only as one involving her “husband,” and saying they had an argument and that was it.

Amber still hasn’t filed a police report against Johnny — she’s just made some very public accusations.

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But not filing a police report might work out well for her in the sense that if Depp’s camp is correct about never touching her, filing a false police report would have been a felony, and cops could have come after Heard.

Regardless, the twists and turns of this story continue…

[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.]

May 30, 2016 12:43pm PDT

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