Ghostbusters Star Dan Aykroyd Defends Remake, Saying ‘It Has More Laughs And More Scares’ Than Original!

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Ever since the first trailer dropped for the new Ghostbusters movie, there has been A LOT of backlash from fans.

The overwhelming hue and cry was that the new film was sullying the franchise, much of which sadly seems to be fueled by sexism over the gender-swapping of the leads.

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Of course it didn’t help the negative chatter when star Melissa McCarthy admitted the trailer was confusing, not to mention the toys look like they’re strictly marketed towards little boys.

But in the midst of all this dislike, Dan Aykroyd, one of the stars of the ORIGINAL spooky comedy, took to Facebook to share his thoughts after seeing the remake — and he LOVED it!

The 63-year-old posted:

We really hope the Saturday Night Live alum is right!

Honestly though, seeing as how Aykroyd has both a writing credit and is an executive producer on the movie, it’s worth pointing out he’s invested in the film’s success…

Either way, we’re hoping the ghostly comedy is at least half as good as the original — but we’ll have to wait and see.

Will you be checking out Ghostbusters when it lands in theaters July 15?!

May 31, 2016 11:10am PDT

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