Airline Forced Passenger To Change Her Short Shorts Or Get Kicked Off The Flight — See The AWFUL Outfit She Had To Buy Instead!

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Did we travel back in time to the days of Pan Am?!

A burlesque dancer from Seattle didn’t mean to make national headlines last week when she flew into Boston wearing a pair of shorts and a tiger sweater… but that’s exactly what she did.

Maggie McMuffin was on a layover at Logan International Airport when she was stopped by JetBlue employees before she could get on the plane.

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Apparently, the pilot found her short shorts to be a little too revealing… so she was forced to go buy baggy $22 shorts from a nearby store!

What makes this story so maddening — aside from the blatant sexism — is that Maggie actually wore the exact same shorts on her flight from New York to Boston and no one had a problem with them!

Ch-ch-check out Maggie’s “inappropriate” outfit (below)!!!

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Yep. We don’t see anything wrong either.

In fact, the black and white shorts are much more flattering than their substitute…

JetBlue has since apologized for their sexist behavior and even refunded Maggie $222… but we think the damage was already done.

Do U think Maggie’s shorts deserved to make the No-Fly List??

[Image via Facebook.]

May 31, 2016 6:16pm PDT

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