Did Mel B Just Unfollow Mel C On Twitter? How Will The Spice Girls Reunite To Tour If They Can’t DM??

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The Spice Girls reunion is only gonna get more interesting… or possibly not happen at all…

This week, Spice fans noticed Mel B unfollowed Mel C on Twitter and Instagram, a sure sign that things were not so rosy between Scary Spice and Sporty Spice.

Now, this little unfollowing controversy calls into question exactly how many girls are going to be involved with the group’s reunion…

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Of course, as we reported, the Spice Girls are planning a reunion tour and some members — like Victoria Beckham — are already not planning on participating.

If they lose any more girls for the show, is the whole thing even viable any more?!?!

Fans had mixed feelings about the drama between Mel B and Mel C, digesting the news in the last few hours (below):

Oh man.

Of course, Mel C has already threatened to pull out of the tour altogether if Beckham didn’t join them and make the whole group a fivesome again…

Maybe this is just the natural end to a long road of Spice friendship breakups, the final nail in the coffin… So sad!

This is why you should ALWAYS keep your spice in a cool, dry place! LOLz!

[Image via Twitter.]

May 31, 2016 1:22pm PST

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