A Health Scare, An Unraveling Marriage, & A Deadbeat Dad — Teen Mom 2 Came Heavy With The Drama Last Night!

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So much drama for these (formerly) teen mommas!

Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 saw a health scare, an unraveling marriage, and so much more controversy, drama, bad parenting, and questionable life choices. In other words, just another week on MTV! Ha!!

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Things kicked off with poor Jenelle Evans, now a medical mystery as she tries to figure out why her fingers are randomly becoming numb and her body is going through uncontrollable jerks and what she called ‘weird sweats’ during last night’s episode.

The Southern momma — who also revealed quite a bit about her former heroin addiction — confided in her boyfriend, David Eason, about what was happening to her while she learned her NYC test results were inconclusive, saying:

“It’s just scary to even go to sleep anymore. I just feel like I’m slowly dying.”


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Time in the emergency room led eventually to a prescription for anxiety medication — an addictive drug, which ended up leading to Jenelle’s big reveal and long conversation with David about her past heroin addiction.

But she sounded upbeat about NOT losing control in this scenario:

“I was addicted in the past, to not really painkillers, but actually the purest form: heroin. I’m never gonna be addicted to any drug ever again, and I will make sure of it. And I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m trying to get Jace back. I’m not going back to that.”

Her health issues led to a huge fight with Barbara. Jenelle confronted her mom for being unsupportive, leading to yet another knockdown-drag out battle these two are so famous for having.

Babs called Jenelle a hypochondriac, offending the North Carolina native, and ended up inspiring Jenelle to vow to get her son Jace back in her life to show everybody she can change.

We’ll see…

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Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry is NOT in a good place with hubby Javi, and she’s revealing it to her ex, and Javi’s nemesis, Jo Rivera.

Of course, we know now that they are divorcing, but at the time this was filmed, it showed us seeing the two meet up to discuss co-parenting, as the issue of Javi’s deployment inevitably came up, and Kailyn jumped at the chance to reveal some dirt about her crumbling marriage:

“It’s rough, it’s hard. [Deployment is] a lot harder on him than I thought it would be. He doesn’t feel supported ├óΓé¼┬ª we lose things to talk about. His day-to-day is the same, we have been fighting. Right now I feel like is the time for me to focus on myself.”

She continued, too, with a look at the future — and things don’t sound too good:

“Javi and I have been dealing with some stuff while he’s been deployed, and it’s been way harder than I ever anticipated. It kinda makes me nervous for a lot of things.”

Uh oh…

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Leah Messer‘s storyline centered around what she did — or, didn’t do — to her ex Corey Simms‘ new wife, when she received a text about Ali‘s backpack.

Corey’s new wife Miranda had written to Leah concerning rumors that she wasn’t helping Ali with her backpack after school, saying:

“I do care for them and try to give them the best life when they are here. But it really bothers me you are claiming you have some sort of sneaky video of me because I have absolutely nothing to hide.”

Instead of responding right away and turning it into a drama, though, Leah waited a full day to respond — and when she did, it was civil.

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She looked back at how far she’s come with that after rehab, too:

“A year ago before treatment, when Miranda texted me, I would have responded immediately. I would have gotten bitchy right back, I would have gotten defensive right back ├óΓé¼┬ª It’s just gonna make it 10 times worse ├óΓé¼┬ª She is playing a mother role to my children, so I think we should have some kinda friendship.”

Nice job, Leah!!!

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Finally, deadbeat loser Adam Lind acted like, well, like a deadbeat loser on last night’s episode, ditching daughter Aubree‘s father-daughter dance to spend some time at a weight competition. Seriously.

Momma Chelsea Houska was NOT happy about that, confronting Adam’s parents over it (they pled ignorance) and crying to boyfriend Cole in the car (Cole went to the dance with Aubree).

Ugh. On top of that, though, Chelsea found out Adam had retained an attorney to increase his child support payments!!

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Deadbeats gotta deadbeat…

What’d U think of last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2?! Should we be worried about Jenelle taking prescription medication??

Let us know in the comments (below)!

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May 31, 2016 11:22am PDT

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