The Bachelorette‘s Villain Revealed — See Why Chad Is So Awful, Even Old Contestants Are Calling Him A ‘F*cking D*ckhead’!

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We have a villain, and it is Chad!!!

The Bachelorette dropped their second episode of the season Monday night, and it sure seems like JoJo Fletcher is dealing with a house full of guys who genuinely like her and genuinely get along with each other — and then… Chad.

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The meathead went big on last night’s ep, causing controversy everywhere he went and turning the entire house (except for his sidekick, bizarre Canadian contestant Daniel) against him.

But first, lots of other stuff went down on the show, too — including a firefighting challenge!

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JoJo surprised the boys at the start of the episode with the very first group date, and picked wisely: she took that first lucky group to Rio Hondo Firefighting Academy near EL Lay where they were put through the paces of training for fires.

That’s good news for Grant, who is a firefighter by profession, and bad news for Wells, who weighs about 47 pounds and was nearly killed under the weight of his own gear! Ha!!

Wells proved himself worthy of respect, though, because after battling heat stroke, the little guy stuck it out and was eventually named in the final contest between the top three (along with Grant and Luke) to try to rescue JoJo, with the winner getting some quiet time with her alone.

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Things didn’t quite work out for Wells there, unfortunately, but they did for Grant!

The firefighter rolled past Luke for the victory and got to spend some good time with JoJo. Maybe he’s not the early frontrunner or anything, but Grant is absolutely in the running after running away with this firefighting challenge.

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Nevertheless, it was Wells who got himself the first date rose!!

Maybe JoJo likes an underdog…

Just as that date was wrapping up, it was time to go on date number two, and this time meathead villain Chad was warming up by doing pull-ups with his own suitcase tied around his waist for extra resistance. Seriously.

For the second group date, JoJo took the guys to the ESPN offices in El Lay, where they watched her tape SportsNation with hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley before being put through the paces to prove their love to her.

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A touchdown dance of affection, a practice proposal, and then a press conference where they were asked the tough questions about their motivations for coming on the show left the guys in hot water — and made Chad really stand out with his, uh, non-typical answers.

Chad argued during his press conference that it’s weird to completely love a girl he knows nothing about yet — which is true — but in the process, he threw the other guys under the bus and completely embarrassed the rest of his group.

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Somehow, he finished in the top three in that date, according to Marcellus and Max (they said they liked his ‘honest’ answers), but the winner was James T., the musician who seems incredibly sweet and funny.

James T. also took home that group date rose, too — so two roses down, and a LOT more to go!

JoJo took her one-on-one date this time around with Derek, who seems like a genuinely nice guy. They had a choose-your-own-adventure date with options abounding, and eventually opted to head to San Francisco for wine and a makeout sesh by the Golden Gate Bridge.

So played, Bachelorette producers… So played. LOLz!!

Fast forward from there to the cocktail party and final rose ceremony of the night and it was all Chad, all the time.

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Not only did the dude down like 78 pieces of meat during the party, he also pulled JoJo aside once twice three different times to talk, be needy, grab a kiss, and try to assert his phony dominance over the other guys — you know, whatever it is that meatheads do.

Point is, he drew the anger of the entire group, with all the guys, led by Alex, eventually circling up to confront the villain… until Chad threatened to knock Alex’s teeth out. Considering Alex is a Marine, though, we probably shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Nevertheless, by the end of the night, Chad had earned himself one of the final roses in the ceremony and is coming back next week… for the show’s special two-day episode that promises to be huge!!

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But not everybody is enamored with Chad.

As all this was going down, JJ Lane, who was on season 11 of The Bachelorette, told reporters some very inneresting things about the villain, cutting right to the chase (below):

“Chad, I think you’re a f*cking d*ckhead! You wouldn’t have survived with me and Clint in the house, I’ll tell you that much. The thing with him is you threaten to come to somebody’s house, he’s f*cking sitting right in front of you. If you got something to say, tell him ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ or if you got something to do, do it right there. No need to wait till the show is done to hunt him down.”

And he wasn’t done there:

I think Chad is a bit of a blowhard. I honestly don’t think Clint or myself or even Chris Soules for that matter, like there’s certain guys in this world they kind of don’t put up with the bullsh*t. He kind of preyed on guys that did.”


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Nothing like setting up the makings for a little man-on-man violence in the coming weeks on the show, if the teasers are any indication…

What’d U think of last night’s episode?!

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May 31, 2016 10:14am PDT

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