Amber Heard Files A Defamation Suit Against The Comedian Who Claims She’s Blackmailing Johnny Depp!

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Dayum, Amber Heard is NOT playing!

On Friday, People Magazine revealed that Amber has filed a defamation lawsuit against comedian and Johnny Depp‘s good friend Doug Stanhope.

According to the suit, Ms. Heard is PISSED that the funny man publicly called her domestic abuse claims bullsh*t. Doug wrote an op-ed in favor of Johnny late last week after the abuse allegations first surfaced. Mr. Stanhope even went as far to say that A.H. was trying to blackmail his buddy.

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In the filing, the blonde’s legal team SLAM Doug, stating:

“He orchestrated a plot to write an article, which was published at, which falsely accuses plaintiff Amber Heard of ‘blackmail’ and other criminal behavior towards her husband, Johnny Depp, from whom she is seeking a divorce.”

Wow, the word “plot” is very interesting — this doc definitely supports the theory that J.D. has a ton of people on his payroll to rehab his tarnished image!

The actress also went on to label D.S.’s alleged behavior as “completely false and defamatory” and that the situation has inflicted “tremendous harm.” Furthermore, the beauty also alleged new claims of domestic abuse, claiming that Depp once tried to “suffocate” her.

This definitely doesn’t look good for the 53-year-old!

In a statement from Amber’s lawyer, he summed up the aggressive suit:

“The Complaint alleges that Stanhope is a close friend of Johnny Depp and, as part of a coordinated effort, wrote a highly defamatory article about Ms. Heard, filled with completely false, highly defamatory and very hurtful statements. Ms. Heard seeks the maximum possible jury award.”

So, what do YOU think of this new development??

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Jun 3, 2016 5:47pm PDT

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