Johnny Depp’s ‘Mystery Blonde’ Revealed! His Party Pal Is Dishing About Their Night Out In Denmark!

Tina Deleuran tells all!

Johnny Depp has been hitting up party after party amid Amber Heard‘s domestic violence allegations, and now one of the mysterious ladies he’s been spotted with is speaking out!

While touring with his band The Hollywood Vampires, the A-lister seemingly tried to forget about his high-profile divorce by hitting up an after-party in Denmark on Wednesday night.

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While he was living it up until the earlier hours of the morning, the 52-year-old was seen hanging out with a mystery blonde, and now she’s setting the record straight about their night together!

Hair stylist and makeup artist Tina Deleuran told E! News she was hanging out at the bar Under Masken — which translates to Under The Mask — when the eccentric actor walked in, remembering:

“I had just come from a concert, my friend Robert had played a gig. It was around 1:30 am. We were sitting having a beer when we noticed him and his friends. We were like, ‘Wow, Johnny Depp is here.'”

The blonde told DailyMail that she was trying to flirt with the famous father, and even managed to bum a cigarette from him, explaining:

“We got talking outside the bar, and I was flirting a bit and asked him if I could have a cigarette. He rolled me one and he actually gave me his whole packet of tobacco when he left”

According to Tina, the Kentucky native really didn’t drink that much, saying to E!:

“I don’t know, maybe two beers and a gin and tonic. And then a sip of the champagne.”

The beauty professional also explained that the Alice Through The Looking Glass star’s bodyguard was encouraging him to turn in for the night, but he declined, recalling:

“At one point, his bodyguard asked him if it was time to go back to the hotel. Johnny said no, he wanted to stay and go back inside. Then he gave him a hug.”

While pictures seem to show Johnny was furious over his staffer’s attempt to get him back to the hotel, Miz Deleuran insists there was no bad blood at all, telling DM:

“He was trying to give him a hug that was all, it’s not how it might look in the pictures Then the four of us went back to the bar and just had a nice few hours talking and laughing.”

She also told the publication that he didn’t bring up Amber’s alarming allegations at all, adding:

“He didn’t talk about anything that’s going on at the moment. He didn’t say anything about his divorce. I didn’t know anything about it so it didn’t come up.”

Tina says the actor-slash-rocker left around 3 a.m., and said that he seemed tired from his performance.

[Image via Tina Deleuran/Instagram, Emelie Andersson/WENN.]

Jun 3, 2016 7:03pm PDT

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